Old Rolling Stones Lips, Tongue, Dentures T Shirt

by on August 16, 2010

Seeing as The Rolling Stones starting putting out records circa 1965, they’ve been pumping records out and touring for almost 50 years. What the hell? How is that even possible? Can you imagine being 18 years old, and seeing these dudes in 1962 playing at the Marquee club. Then picking up the Out of Our Heads EP in some cool as shit record shop, and bringing it home and being blown away with those R&B covers and one of the greatest songs ever: The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man.

Aftermath is awesome in 1966, and you’re in your early 20s. Then its 1969 and Let It Bleed drops and that country, honky tonk, rock and roll speaks to you. You mourn Brian Jones’ death, but still rockin’ with the band.

More great albums are pressed. Then you hit the 70s and it starts to get a little sketchy. Everybody thinks Sticky Fingers is good, and Exile on Main St. is a masterpiece but you know better yet you stick with them.

Into the 80s, the music is a pile of doodoo, the live shows embarrassing, but you can’t abandon them now, they’re like family and you’ve been with The Rolling Stones for 20 years.

90s never happened musically, but here you still are. 2000S – you’re still alive and they’re still playing. Both miracles. Ditto for 2010, but now it’s just kinda spooky, like some scary shit on Ripley’s Believe It or not.

Anyways, this Old Rolling Stones Lips and Dentures T Shirt kind of encapsulates the later years. I mean Mick Jagger is 67 years old. Damn.

Busted Tees likes moving forward with their music. It’s only Boston, Kansas, and English Beat at the summer concert series for them.

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