Einstein Kiss Tshirt

by on June 16, 2010

I have no doubt Einstein would have been a big fan of the theatrical rock and roll of KISS. He may have been jealous of the size of Gene Simmons’ tongue, but, otherwise, certainly, the genius would have recognized the musical genius.

I love the progression of the Einstein portrait. First, you have the staid, important scientist photo, then as science tries to get a little more hip, they pull out the photo when Einstein just got up after a particularly nasty bender. Then, they take it even further with the tongue sticking out. And, now, of course, you have the Einstein in KISS Makeup Sticking Out His Tongue Tshirt, which is outlandish, but acceptable on some level.

Here’s an interesting biography of the Albert Einstein.

And, of course, here’s KISS performing God of Thunder.

And, another amazing live performance:

This science of creating outrageously funny tshirts is very sophisticated, and Busted Tees is the Einstein of its time. Or the KISS of its time.

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