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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

This pretty much captures all of the LOL Cats you see on the Internet. Do you agree? On this LOLCat Taxonomy T Shirt we have the following…

~ felis melonus
~ felis happyus
~ felis omgus
~ felis ceilingus
~ felis diabeetus
~ felis basementus
~ felis serious
~ felis keyboardus
~ felis eatedus

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This is funny. You have a game setup that matches one-on-one, but instead of Mortal Kombat, you have Plato and Socrates dueling it out with words of wisdom. Looks like Plato just dropped a super paradox combo, which Socrates is having a hard time refuting. Could be over soon. Who woulda thought that you could mashup philosophy and gaming so elegantly. I love the Philosophy Fighter T Shirt. Do you?

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Lots of stuff going on here. It’s a re-creation of the classic scene with Alan Garner played by Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover, holding the baby, Carlos, in the sling thingy, and they are both wearing sunglasses. Hilarious. Now, Nerdy Shirts has used and abused their license to print Sesame Street characters by having Cookie Monster holding Tickle Me Elmo in the same front baby pack contraption. I like it. And man those muppets look happy.

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Sometimes a weapon is the only religion you need and the only thing that will get you through the night, thus this Star Wars Blaster T Shirt is highly appropriate for any and all that truly believe. Are there any geeky NRA members. They’ll probably dig this shirt as well. Whatever the case how about all of the detail about the blaster pictured on the shirt. 604 Republic did a highly commendable job, which is probably why you have already asked your mom for her credit card so you can get one or two of these.
Am I right? I am! There are 30 parts listed here, including…

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This is a cool shirt, except that I think there should be some of the workers welcome their demise because they’re so hellaciously miserable in their cubicle, that any forced change is welcome, including death by fire-breathing office machine. Otherwise, this Office Apocalypse T Shirt is spot on wonderful, which is why you should buy it right now before the real apocalypse comes to town and your dollars are worth less than the leaves on the ground (and they’re on the ground in Spring because the weather patterns are completely jacked). Is that a gold fish is the water cooler? Is that dude in the foreground holding a hoagie (if so, that’s funny…he’s saving a sandwich rather than important documents or a lap top)? And, the cherry on top of this office machine with a mammalian brain, the tie dragging under him (which will ultimately be his downfall and the only hope for the rest of the businesses in the office complex his is just now starting to destroy.
604 Republic always has interesting concepts designed well. Think that’s a bold statement? Check it out for yourself.

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I looked this up because I have no idea what this Duke Platypus T Shirt means. Well, on the surface, the platypus is all decked out like an important Duke and that’s cute on it’s own…I mean the top hat, pocket watch, bow tie, suit jacket, cuff links, leather gloves and walking stick are great, but I can’t seem to figure out why these two words have come together. There’s a Duke Platypus facebook page, and there seems to be some connection between Duke University science and the platypus, but I’m not sure these are the answers I’m looking for.

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I always thought Soy Milk was made with soy beans and shrank your nads because it increased estrogen in the body, but I was totally mistaken. Soy Milk is really just a bit of Spanglish on a carton of regular cow’s milk. Glad that’s been cleared up. If everyone just tells one other person we can educate the world on this issue.

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“They’re going to nail us no matter what we do so we might as well have a good time.” Toga Toga Toga. This is the alternative to actually wearing a toga around. Sometimes those things can be a big inconvenient. Don’t get me wrong, I highly recommed that you where a sheet fashioned into an article of clothing most days, but sometimes you just need to go with some modern garb, and for those rare occassions I would suggest this Toga Toga Toga T Shirt.

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Thor T Shirts are hot now that the movie is out in theaters. Not necessarily funny shirts on the surface, but Molly Lambert writes about the movie in her summer movies article for the new ESPN-related website, Grantland, with a good bit of humor.

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“Thank you sir may I have another.” Classic scene of fraternity hazing where the Pledges are bending over in their underwear while a fraternity member smacks them with a paddle. Kevin Bacon does a great job taking it in the ass over and over. Probably why he’s had such a long and lusterous career.

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When some kid sees you wearing this shirt, then excepts candy from a stranger, then gets fat and dies of heart disease before his time, I hope you’re happy with yourself and your “humor.” This Strangers Are Awesome T Shirt is an awful message and you should never wear it, but if you absolutely have to to be the big man of campus (bmoc), then make sure no kids are around to get the wrong idea.

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This is the anti-mullet t shirt, and if you don’t like anti-mullet sentiment you can go to hell. Just kidding. Mullets are cool to look at and laugh at. Actually, I had a minor one in the 80s (yeah, I’m old…so…). This dude on the Business in the Front Business in the Back T Shirt is very serious minded and wants to take his career to the next level, so he got a sensible hair cut, some business casual attire and went to work. And, there he will stay for 45 years, toiling away with little recognition, little humor and little to know fun. But, the bills are paid, the kids are growing up healthy, and the suburban neighbors accept him as long as he keeps his lawn neatly trimmed.

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