Star Wars Blaster T Shirt

by on May 10, 2011

Sometimes a weapon is the only religion you need and the only thing that will get you through the night, thus this Star Wars Blaster T Shirt is highly appropriate for any and all that truly believe. Are there any geeky NRA members. They’ll probably dig this shirt as well. Whatever the case how about all of the detail about the blaster pictured on the shirt. 604 Republic did a highly commendable job, which is probably why you have already asked your mom for her credit card so you can get one or two of these.
Am I right? I am! There are 30 parts listed here, including…

1. Sci Grip Fi-Plating

2. Ripley Battery

3. Cathode Arc Terminator

4. A51 Heat Sink Fins

5. Zilla Firing Coil

6. Han Singular Disk

7. Chaapa’s Carbine Shunt

8. Trek Ejector Ring

9. Obi Spindle

10. Full Ballistic Monty

11. Latinum Cell Cap

12. Bazinga Flash Cone

13. Chi Singularity Barrel

14. KaMe Housing

15. Bag End Tumbler Pin

16. Sheldonic Dial

17. Anode Solo Housing

18. Bad Wolf Chamber

19. CP30 Plasma Board

20. Tribble Trigger

21. Boba Backfire Post

22. Dragon Discharge Vent

23. Odyssey Plateau

24. Nostromo Calibrator

25. Kal-el Key Cylindar

26. Farscape Lens

27. T2 Scope Magnet

28. Neon Serenity Key

29. Zoom Ring of Power

30. Eyepiece of Sauron

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side kid.”
– Han Solo

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