Animal House Assume the Position T Shirt

by on May 7, 2011

“Thank you sir may I have another.” Classic scene of fraternity hazing where the Pledges are bending over in their underwear while a fraternity member smacks them with a paddle. Kevin Bacon does a great job taking it in the ass over and over. Probably why he’s had such a long and lusterous career.

Of course, if you wear this Assume the Position T Shirt you may run the risk of having men and women bending over in front of you all day long, and I’m willing to bet, some of these encounters will be pleasant, but 72% of them may be something you’d rather not be a part of. Weirdos pulling down their pants and revealing skid marks on their tighty whiteys. Not a pretty site.

But, TV Store Online is making the bet that the 28% of good encounters and the goodwill created by reminding people of classic comedy scenes will overcome any issues that might arise with this tee.

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