Thor T Shirts Thunder Onto the Market and Hammer Your Senses With Pleasure

by on May 8, 2011

Thor T Shirts are hot now that the movie is out in theaters. Not necessarily funny shirts on the surface, but Molly Lambert writes about the movie in her summer movies article for the new ESPN-related website, Grantland, with a good bit of humor.

“(Director Kenneth) Branagh presumably wanted a blond superhero to rescue blond men from their film status as villains, nerds, and James Spader (villainous nerds) but “Thor” is probably not going to do the trick.”

“Sidenote to Kenneth Branagh: the reason ripped blond men aren’t portrayed as superheroes = World War II. ‘THOR’!”

That’s funny. The movie opened yesterday, so we’ll see how it does, despite Lambert tearing it a new one. Natalie Portman is in the thing, how bad can it be. Nonetheless, you may be a Thor fan from way back, because of the Marvel comics or, hell, even the Norse mythology. Whatever the case, the following Thor T Shirts may speak to you. And, if that’s the case, get ’em ‘cuz you only live once.

Plus, you gotta support a super hero that’s stuck with just a shitty hammer as his go to tool.

Thor Serving Hammer T Shirt

Thor Little Red T Shirt

Thor Costume T Shirt

Thor Core T Shirt

The Thor trailer of course:

You’re a nerd if you’re into the Thor stuff, but that’s okay because Nerdy Shirts loves you.

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