Office Apocalypse T Shirt

by on May 10, 2011

This is a cool shirt, except that I think there should be some of the workers welcome their demise because they’re so hellaciously miserable in their cubicle, that any forced change is welcome, including death by fire-breathing office machine. Otherwise, this Office Apocalypse T Shirt is spot on wonderful, which is why you should buy it right now before the real apocalypse comes to town and your dollars are worth less than the leaves on the ground (and they’re on the ground in Spring because the weather patterns are completely jacked). Is that a gold fish is the water cooler? Is that dude in the foreground holding a hoagie (if so, that’s funny…he’s saving a sandwich rather than important documents or a lap top)? And, the cherry on top of this office machine with a mammalian brain, the tie dragging under him (which will ultimately be his downfall and the only hope for the rest of the businesses in the office complex his is just now starting to destroy.
604 Republic always has interesting concepts designed well. Think that’s a bold statement? Check it out for yourself.

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