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Political T Shirts: I’m not big into politics, but I know some of you are, so here’s a collection of the best politics shirts you’re gonna find.

Che Selleck T Shirt

by on August 18, 2011

Tom Selleck and Che Guevara misdirection. It doesn’t get any better than this. One, Tom is a cultural icon specifically for his mustache. Wait, where is Mr. Selleck these days. He was epic in Magnum PI. Two, Che Guevara is totally overrated. I don’t think anybody that wears his shirt even understands where that dude was coming from, but I can tell you one thing…it wasn’t a totally pure place. Maybe his general fight the power attitude was to be commended and we can use some of that right now. But, I don’t know if wearing that man on your shirt means exactly what you think it does.

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Abraham Plankin T Shirt

by on August 14, 2011

This is ridiculous and the connection between Plankin and Lincoln is feeble at best. Still, I think that’s probably why I like the Abraham Plankin T Shirt. It causes people that see it to pucker up and get confused and curl up into the safety of the few things they know to be rock-solid truth. The true beauty of this tee from Look At Me Shirts is that you imagine Honest Abe had a stiff posture and gait and would have possibly been the best planking practitioner in history.

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Nice little use of historical figure Marie Antoinette and a little twist on her famous quote: “let them eat cake.” Now, we’re saying “life to cake” or “long live cake” and we just happen to have the voluptuous image of Marie in the background. Of course, Headline Shirts created this Viva La Cake T Shirt as a current social commentary, as all of the money flows into the banking cartel and others in the top .1 percent of wealth possessors, and away from the middle class and lower class. Soon we’ll have some East Coast snobs singing “let them eat cake” as the lines snake around a mile long to grab the government issues five pound blocks of cheese.

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Harry Potter seems to have slightly loosened it’s death spell on the top visited page for the week slightly, leaving room for some other random stuff.

LMAO T Shirt

The LMAO shirt featuring Chairman Mao seems to have become a very popular shirt. Somehow it got picked up on Reddit, which send quite a few people to check that clever little ditty out.

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This is a lovely bit of news story-related t shirtery. Right there sitting on the old school rotary phone is Ruport Murdoch, the head douche at News Corp, which is a news gathering organization that has been accused of tapping the phone lines of 9/11 victims. Pretty shady business and this I’d Tap That T Shirt brings Rupert’s ugliness to the forefront.

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Nothing more American than Mickey Mouse. Nothing more communist than Chairman Mao. Combine them in a modern day mashup and you have a very peculiar little Mickey Mao T Shirt with Chairman Mao sporting a Mickey Mouse ears hat. Of course, you never know the strange pecadilloes those old world leaders with too much power develop over the years. I mean think about Kim Jong Il as accurately portrayed in Team USA. Case and point.

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Someone over at the Tshirt Bordello is into some H.P. Lovecraft or maybe just the Cthulhu culture that has risen online and in the gaming community out of the mythos Lovecraft created.

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The Penguin in the Batman series, Oswald Cobblepot is evil, so I can’t understand why you’d want to where this shirt. You don’t want evil to rule your city do you? Am I looking at this in the wrong light? Is this Oswald Cobblepot For Mayor T Shirt something that you would proudly wear because it has a much deeper and richer meeting, or maybe you’re of a rebellious temperment, and this quickly lets everybody know where you’re coming from.

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This, of course, goes along with other celebrated Engrish examples. This one comes from NES Pro Wrestling game, which announced A Winner is You, when you won a match. Want to know more? Learn all about this meme.  Want this Uncle Sam A Winner is You T Shirt? Well you can’t have it. Just kidding. Just click that linky link and you’ll get to where you need to be.

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The NBA Finals ended a couple of weeks ago, but the star of the NBA champions, Dirk Nowitzki, still has pull in the tee shirt scene. The Hangover 2 was released nearly a month ago, yet there’s no end in site to the popularity of shirts inspired by the summer’s best comedy. And, in an odd rise, a very old Communist Party parody t shirt has picked up a second wind. People want that thing.

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The Dem. from New York is in great shape and he likes to show it. What’s wrong with that? Oh wait, he’s a publicly elected official and to show that type of judgment in an uptight society is not good form and makes you question his overall judgment capabilities. Of course, does it really have anything to do with the way he makes political decisions. It’s an interesting question, but the guy should be ashamed. I actually think he may not be a total sellout in the political realm, like 96.9% of CONgress, so maybe it was a setup just like Eliot Spitzer.

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If you, unlike me, don’t know anything about Mike Haggar you should probably go on over to the Street Fighter wiki page and get yourself some learning, so you can keep up with the important shit. Forget about the death of the United States Republic, and the crazy ass weather from global warming. Let’s get knowledgeable about Mike Haggar. In fact, let’s wear the Vote for Mike Haggar Metro City Mayor T Shirt and spread the love far and wide.

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