Marie Antoinette Viva La Cake T Shirt

by on August 10, 2011

Nice little use of historical figure Marie Antoinette and a little twist on her famous quote: “let them eat cake.” Now, we’re saying “life to cake” or “long live cake” and we just happen to have the voluptuous image of Marie in the background. Of course, Headline Shirts created this Viva La Cake T Shirt as a current social commentary, as all of the money flows into the banking cartel and others in the top .1 percent of wealth possessors, and away from the middle class and lower class. Soon we’ll have some East Coast snobs singing “let them eat cake” as the lines snake around a mile long to grab the government issues five pound blocks of cheese.

And that would be idiotic, because they should be saying let them eat cheese, because there will not even be cake available to these impoverished and unwashed masses. The GREAT DEPRESSION is coming. Can you feel it? If so, wear the shirt.

Wait, I hope that’s Marie and not Katy Perry with some botched botox job. And, by the way, Ms. Antoinette may have never uttered “Let Them Eat Cake.” Could have been completely fabricated by Rousseau. No really, I totally just looked it up on Wikipedia. God’s truth. Rousseau may have thrown that sensational story in there to move a few more units.

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