Che Selleck T Shirt

by on August 18, 2011

Tom Selleck and Che Guevara misdirection. It doesn’t get any better than this. One, Tom is a cultural icon specifically for his mustache. Wait, where is Mr. Selleck these days. He was epic in Magnum PI. Two, Che Guevara is totally overrated. I don’t think anybody that wears his shirt even understands where that dude was coming from, but I can tell you one thing…it wasn’t a totally pure place. Maybe his general fight the power attitude was to be commended and we can use some of that right now. But, I don’t know if wearing that man on your shirt means exactly what you think it does.

Mash these two icons up and you have a very confusing and wonderful Che Selleck T Shirt that you will be proud to pass down to your kids one day.

Headline Shirts making some kind of facial hair statement with this fine shirt offering.

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