Dirk, Communists, and The Hangover 2 Are Hot

by on June 24, 2011

The NBA Finals ended a couple of weeks ago, but the star of the NBA champions, Dirk Nowitzki, still has pull in the tee shirt scene. The Hangover 2 was released nearly a month ago, yet there’s no end in site to the popularity of shirts inspired by the summer’s best comedy. And, in an odd rise, a very old Communist Party parody t shirt has picked up a second wind. People want that thing.

Nowitzness T Shirt

Of course, this is a slap in the face to LeBron’s Nike Witness campaign. Dirk won. To the winner goes the spoils.

The Hangover 2 Yellow Lab T Shirt

The Hottest of the hot The Hangover 2 tees is the yellow lab dog. Something about Alan Garner’s evil innocence and killer style launches mad rushes to copy his look. Don’t forget to tuck it in.

The Communist Party T Shirt

Marx has a lampshade on his head. There are plastic cups flowing with booze. I’m sure Mao and Castro had some wicked games of beer pong. Stalin and Lenin were playing drinking games, chugging every time Castro mentioned baseball. Indeed a party.

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