Anthony Weiner Wasn’t My Weiner T Shirt

by on June 9, 2011

The Dem. from New York is in great shape and he likes to show it. What’s wrong with that? Oh wait, he’s a publicly elected official and to show that type of judgment in an uptight society is not good form and makes you question his overall judgment capabilities. Of course, does it really have anything to do with the way he makes political decisions. It’s an interesting question, but the guy should be ashamed. I actually think he may not be a total sellout in the political realm, like 96.9% of CONgress, so maybe it was a setup just like Eliot Spitzer.

Whatever the dude’s name is weiner and he showed his weiner on Twitter, which is why you have to get the Wasn’t My Weiner T Shirt.

Donkey Tees keeps it so, so, so fresh.

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