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T-shirt Designers: A lot of sites don’t give credit to the designers, but this is where I feature works with a known designer.

Someone did not get the Christmas story when they were younger, so when they heard a prowler on the roof they were ready. Now, everything is ruined, all because Santa messed with the wrong house. Of course, what I really want to know is what taxidermist went ahead and mounted Donner, Blitzen and Santa Claus? Was this a back alley job? Is there a black market for highly inappropriate stuffing? These are the things that get stirred up when I see this No Christmas T Shirt.

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Not really sure what to say about this shirt other than it’s really cool looking. Kind of a hipster looking dude with the jacket, button down, shoes, pants…you know the drill, but instead of a bearded face and thick-rimmed glasses, we have a horse head. Not sure if he’s in the middle of a dance move or he’s been caught stealing candy bars from the liquor store, but the image is full of kinetic energy. And, of course, that is why you should get this Eddie Horse Head T Shirt right now.

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Some how pineapples pop up in this show all the time. It’s a thing. Below is  a video showing a handful of pineapple citings. I like pineapple myself. I feel like wearing a shirt featuring a pineapple, like this I’ve Heard It Both Ways Pineapple T Shirt would be great. In fact, there should be a line of shirts just featuring fruit, because fruit is pretty cool and delicious.

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God I love Beavis and Butthead, and I hear Breaking Bad is spectacular. I’ve been saving it, until I have some time to just hole up and consume seasons at a time. May never happen, because I never get time to watch television, plus my mom doesn’t like me to watch too much. Anyway, I can sneak Beavis and Butthead clips on the Youtube, so I know how funny that business is.

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It’s another Internet meme t shirt. This particular one references a corny line from the video game Skyrim, and has now spread far and wide on the Internet as something you type when someone is doing a little brag commenting. Actually, I have no idea what it means but I used to be a funny t shirt blogger that gave a shit then I took an arrow to the knee.

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This is a nice little Monopoly and Star Trek mashup tee, which is something you don’t see every day or even every other day. Every third day probably yes, but the execution on this Seek Out New Civilizations and New Life as You Boldly Go T Shirt makes it stand apart from the 10 Star Trek-Monopoly mashup shirts that get pumped out every month.

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Once Scotty retired from the crew of the Starship Enterprise, he couldn’t just go and rot at home in the easy chair. His wife would be miserable with him around all the time, and he would have become restless and maybe even depressed feeling useless. That’s why he started up his repair shop. Every repair over $5000 comes with a free Scotty’s Repair Shop T Shirt, which is a pretty sweet deal.

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This tee has two wonderful things going for it. Awesome design. It looks flat out stunning: the colors, the Chinese imagery, the chopsticks, the noodles, the light coming out of the takeaway box, and, of course, the glow. Secondly, it’s a funny wordplay with the whole Dr. Hu – Doctor Who thing. Now, my question is does that Chinese lettering actually say anything and if it does, is it safe for work in China? Hopefully, it doesn’t say something about someone’s mother.

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Drayton Sawyer is one hell of a chili. You have to give him mad respect for perfecting the recipe and having the guts to put his creation up against all the finest in Texas and Oklahoma. And, as you can see in the clip below, he truly revels in the victory. It’s a triumph of the will. That trophy in the passenger seat of his panel van is the sweet manifestation of his dilligence and perserverence.

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Hey, you’re into the whole zombie phenomenon. And if you’re not, you can go ahead and walk away, because you’re no friend of mine. JK JK JK. I still will dig you, but you probably want to move on to a different post like my top Care Bear t shirts review or something.

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I Love Apple Pi T Shirt

by on November 6, 2011

Nice wordplay image hijinx transitive pictograph verbalization right here. If you’re a true goofy Patriotic American, Apple Fanboy, math and/or science nerd, this I Love Apple Pi T Shirt is definitely for you. Apple Pie is one of the standby’s of being an old school patriot, along with mom, baseball, and actually preferring to have a rule of law, rather than the current oligarchical rule of money.

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Ohiya seems to be a site that offers t-shirts with this ridiculously cute characters designed by artist Jason Tharp. Apparently, the thing is that you wear these and you automatically make friends. Why? Because, who can ignore you when you’re wearing bunny  and mouse zombies. In fact, Ohiya’s tagline is “The Art of Making Friends.”

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