Ohiya The Art of Being Stinkin’ Cute

by on October 27, 2011

Ohiya seems to be a site that offers t-shirts with this ridiculously cute characters designed by artist Jason Tharp. Apparently, the thing is that you wear these and you automatically make friends. Why? Because, who can ignore you when you’re wearing bunny  and mouse zombies. In fact, Ohiya’s tagline is “The Art of Making Friends.”

Ohiya is several groups of characters. There are the mythtaken, zombuddiez, zoomipop, smooch, and katinja.

So, if you’re into cartoony unicorns eating clouds and farting rainbows, or some monkey-bear creature encouraging you to “don’t stop believin'” while jauntily walking around boulders and downed trees. Or perhaps a fanged cat head in a skull & crossbones configuration is more your style. Or perhaps fuzzy rock star creatures in a band called Smooch, which seems to be a fake KISS tribute band. Or maybe the wide-eyed flying moose warms your heart.

Whatever the case, if you’re into the cute stuff and making friends then you need to check out Ohiya.

Here are some of my favorites:

Mythtaken Chuppi Skull And Crossbones

Zombuddiez I Heart Brains Bunny

Mythtaken Uni-Corn Farting Rainbow

Oh by the way, you can get 20% off your order if you use the coupon code: TSHIRTGROOVE at checkout.

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