Zombies Dead Bashers T Shirt from Red Bubble

by on November 6, 2011

dead bashers no brains no glory t shirt Zombies Dead Bashers T Shirt from Red Bubbleget this shirt orange button1 Zombies Dead Bashers T Shirt from Red BubbleHey, you’re into the whole zombie phenomenon. And if you’re not, you can go ahead and walk away, because you’re no friend of mine. JK JK JK. I still will dig you, but you probably want to move on to a different post like my top Care Bear t shirts review or something.

Anyways, I like the Dead Bashers T Shirt because any time you can get a shirt with a baseball bat with brain remnants on it, you have to…HAVE TO…get it, and wear it often. Especially when it also has a modified jolly roger and says “No Brains No Glory.” That’s good stuff.

Keez Designs put this one together and sells it on Red Bubble for your edification. Enjoy!

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