Star Trek Scotty’s Starship Repair Shop T Shirt from Red Bubble

by on November 26, 2011

Once Scotty retired from the crew of the Starship Enterprise, he couldn’t just go and rot at home in the easy chair. His wife would be miserable with him around all the time, and he would have become restless and maybe even depressed feeling useless. That’s why he started up his repair shop. Every repair over $5000 comes with a free Scotty’s Repair Shop T Shirt, which is a pretty sweet deal.

I love the different types of work advertised here: dilthium crystals realigned, warp engine specialist, transporter upgrades, miracles on a deadline, guaranteed repairs, and best service. Now that’s a man confident in his work, as he should be.

This shirt designed by Chuffy is available at Red Bubble right now, so you can get it immediately.

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