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TV Tshirts: The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, South Park, The Office, Mad Men…you know that shows that have cult followings and deserve many, many awesome tee designs to celebrate them.

Apparently, there’s this show on TV, HBO, or something, called Entourage. And, according to hearsay, there’s a dude named Billy Walsh that hates suits.

See, I hear this show is all about a bunch of fags that are trying to Make It in Hollywood. They do the LA scene and act all dramatic, and give you an “Inside” look at the entertainment business. Sounds like a load of shit, which is why I never have watched it. That and I don’t like that dudes perm hair, and Jeremy Piven oozes douchehole.

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Apparently, what we’ve got here is a masterful marketing campaign brought to by the tag team of Busted Tees and Old Spice. Humorous. Entertaining commercial. Nice use of a black man with perfect diction. All well done, except maybe the tshirt product that was conceived during this corporate fornication wasn’t quite pitch perfect.

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This here is another super fantastic tshirt. The good ol’ Statue of Liberty has put on a few LB’s, and it’s easy to see why. Too much fried chicken. Too many desserts. And she never really gets any exercise. Kind of just stands there all the time. There’s probably not a better welcome to Ellis Island for foreigners trying to immigrate her than the super fat Ms. Liberty.

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Finally, you too can have the breakthrough you’ve  been waiting your entire miserable life for. Incredible white teeth, just like Tony Robbins’s piano key chompers, are within your grasp. He’s doling out the secrets on a new TV show. Glory be and hallelujah. Early reviews, say, the plaque, cigar stains, and beef jerky build up are just falling away within just a few short days.

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Well well isn’t this a little macabre. Apparently, we’ve got this program on Showtime that features a serial killer, who is meticulous in his murders of other murderers. Is he a hero or a psychopath. Do the police even want to stop this guy. I mean, he’s making their jobs a lot easier.

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Did you watch the season premiere of Mad Men last night? Of course, you did and so did Warming Glow, who sums up the Thanksgiving Hooker feast nicely.

The folks at Nerdy Shirts dream of being Don Draper every night as 11:30 p.m. Kinda weird really.

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Took me a second to figure out the initialism and for those that are having similar issues, this is a high-impact collision between pop religious culture What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) wrist bands and the resulting mockery putting all kinds of initials in place of the “J” for Jesus and moving those people to the status of prophet or solid purveyor of wisdom.

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I didn’t know what this meant but I youtubed it and pulled the appropriate video (see below), and thus am now able to talk eloquently on the subject matter. It’s quite enjoyable really. This poor, fat ginger Christian has a soul despite what the evil creators of South Park might say.

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“The problem is you have a bad attitude about starving to death.”

Apparently, Dave doesn’t believe the hype. Good little clip of him doing comedy post-sabbatical.

Actually, living the good life has nothing to do with visualization, it actually has everything to do with wearing funny t shirts every chance you get.

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George Costanza tells the unemployment office that he’s applied to be a latex salesman at Vandelay Industries Importing/Exporting Fine Latex Goods. He gives them Seinfeld’s number. Now, Seinfeld has to answer his phone Vandelay Industries and play along with the hijinx, so Costanza can keep his unemployment checks rollin’ in.

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The punk sixth grader from South Park tooling around on his dirt bike and terrorizing the younger elementary kids, and wearing a shirt with his own devilish face on it. He might as well take advantage of running the school, because next year when he goes to middle school, he’s back on the bottom of the totem pole.

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Apparently, there was this show called Seinfeld where some neighbors sat around and talked a lot. It was a massive success. This shirt is in reference to a beloved episode where the Jerry Seinfeld (like the name of the show), which is his real name, except he’s a fictional character in the show, which is totally confusing…anyway, he doesn’t want to wear the puffy shirt.

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