Fat America Statue of Liberty T-shirt

by on July 30, 2010

This here is another super fantastic tshirt. The good ol’ Statue of Liberty has put on a few LB’s, and it’s easy to see why. Too much fried chicken. Too many desserts. And she never really gets any exercise. Kind of just stands there all the time. There’s probably not a better welcome to Ellis Island for foreigners trying to immigrate her than the super fat Ms. Liberty.

Should have stayed in France, where they eat cheese and baguettes, and drink wine and still never get overweight.

Since we can’t help ourselves thank god for Jaime Oliver coming across the pond to talk some sense into rural West Virginia because he’s following his heart.

PSA: Hey, if you’re a tub of goo, get some help or watch this Susan Powter Stop the Insanity video:

Here’s a really important local news report on childhood obesity. The “expert” really enunciates well, and slowly too. She wants you to REALLY HEAR THIS MESSAGE…GOT IT!?

T-Shirt Hell cannot take responsibility for your 219 pound 6-year-old. Only you can stop feeding him lard burritos and butterscotch ice cream rewards for good video game performance.

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