WWNPHD? Tshirt What Would Neil Patrick Harris Do

by on July 26, 2010

Took me a second to figure out the initialism and for those that are having similar issues, this is a high-impact collision between pop religious culture What Would Jesus Do (WWJD) wrist bands and the resulting mockery putting all kinds of initials in place of the “J” for Jesus and moving those people to the status of prophet or solid purveyor of wisdom.

This particular example refers to a child actor, Neil Patrick Harris,  who was able to make it to the other side relatively unscathed. Meaning, he started working as an actor since he was 15, including the iconic role of Doogie Howser, MD. And, as most of my readers will know, it often times doesn’t go well for young actors later on in life, because of the too much too fast phenomenon.

For whatever demons NPH has battled, he doesn’t look much worse for the wear and has kindled a second epoch in his career that includes comedy, stage acting, and magic. Good for Neil. Plus, he’s gay, and many homosexual men seem to have a little extra wisdom reservoir. Thus, the WWNPHD? Tshirt is quite appropriate and probably should be worn by you at least once a week.

Snorg Tees spit balled this shirt for months. Trying to figure out the perfect celebrity to feature. WWMTD (Mister T), WWBMD (Billy Mays), WWGSD (George Steinbrenner), WWLD (LeBron) were some of the finalists.

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