Random T Shirts

Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

Hey, when it comes to reducing your ecological footprint on the planet you have to start somewhere. Why not by re-wearing your clothes. Even if it is just two wears rather than one, you’re effectively cutting your laundry in half. Saving you time and money and saving water as well. I know this is a facetious look at recycling, but it really does preserve precious resources.

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Henry the 8th was, of couse, a great man, but he had his problems with the ladies as the writing on this fine shirt attests. Now Jay Z on the other hand also had 99 problems, but, amazingly, none of them were women.

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I didn’t know what this meant but I youtubed it and pulled the appropriate video (see below), and thus am now able to talk eloquently on the subject matter. It’s quite enjoyable really. This poor, fat ginger Christian has a soul despite what the evil creators of South Park might say.

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This is quite a lovely shirt don’t you agree. Pulls one of the strongest hilarious memes on the Internet and combines it with a special, special event—the oil spill in the Gulf. It’s a can’t lose proposition as far as tshirt designs go, as it really captures the zeitgeist. Don’t you agree?

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Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur, Jam Master Jay, and Eazy E. The historic icons of the rap scene, God rest all of their souls and their crazy skillz be praised and remembered with this fine monument lovingly carved in stone in North Dakota.

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Hello wordplay and cultural clash. When you think bots you think Hong Kong and when you think of “I like big butts” of course you have to think of Charles Barkley and his famous quote about why he was such a good rebounder even though he was shorter than most of the guys he was going up against. He said something like I’ll take my big butt over there skinny thighs any day.”

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How can you say that about such a little cutie pie with proceeding hair line. I mean he’s got tons of street cred, he did videos on Funny or Die, and makes all the stupid little junior high girls swoon. What’s not to like? Why would you lump him in with annoying cell phones and pagers. Plus, what the fuck…pagers. Do those things even exist any more? And, beepers are pagers aren’t they. God. Even the wordplay is hacky. How about shut off your VCR?

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Rainbow tshirts for the whole family. Do not forget to tuck them in to look more tidy.

San Francisco artist, Gilbert Baker, hooked up the LGBT group with the Rainbow flag in 1978, so the Apple, headquartered, not too far away in the Silicon Valley, was well aware of the connotation when they busted out these tshirts.

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This is a nice article about picking up an affection for tshirts and holding on to them longer than you probably should. You know the ones. Frayed collar. Super thin, near see through fabric. Faded imagery or lettering. Rips. But, oh so, soft and comfortable.

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Hey, when things get bad at the office, you can always give the two week notice or if that doesn’t work, there’s always the ultimate out, taking the stairs to the cordless bungie jump window.

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“The problem is you have a bad attitude about starving to death.”

Apparently, Dave doesn’t believe the hype. Good little clip of him doing comedy post-sabbatical.

Actually, living the good life has nothing to do with visualization, it actually has everything to do with wearing funny t shirts every chance you get.

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As you know the latest iPhone has a problem with its reception when you hold it. Here are some real and goofy solutions for making this wonderful piece of cutting edge technology work for you, including my favorite involving a rubber band.

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