Five Finger Tees Reviewed

Five Finger Tees: They’re a steal and the designs are cool, and I review them as they release new ones each week.

Not much into horror flicks, but if you are please feel free to enjoy this Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake T Shirt, because it looks so serene and peaceful, but you know what lurks behind the bushes…Jason. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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This here is a video game related tshirt, but you know that. Plants Vs. Zombies is the game, and part of the game are these seed packets that have Bloom & Doom Seed Co. on the packaging. Kind of love that title and sort of reminds me about preparing for the real Great Depression II that is soon to hit. More of a bloom during the doom thing there, but related.

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Five Finger Tees brings it cheap and solid, and if your interest isn’t peaked by that then you’re not human. You’re a cold-blooded zombie, alien freak, and this inexpensive funny t shirts probably will not be for you. If you are human, then you need to check out the review, because it will enrich your life from now until the day you live.

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Five Finger Tees are so cheap, most under $10, that when you purchase something from them you kinda have a sneaky feeling that maybe you are stealing. Don’t worry it goes away when you get the package and put on the shirts and impress all your friends, family and enemies with how awesome you are.

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