Plants Vs. Zombies Bloom & Doom Seed Co. T shirt

by on May 24, 2011

This here is a video game related tshirt, but you know that. Plants Vs. Zombies is the game, and part of the game are these seed packets that have Bloom & Doom Seed Co. on the packaging. Kind of love that title and sort of reminds me about preparing for the real Great Depression II that is soon to hit. More of a bloom during the doom thing there, but related.

Get the Bloom & Doom Seed Co. T Shirt if you like the game or just the design. If you’re into gardening and zombies and end of the world scenarios, Five Finger Tees has put together the shirt that is perfectly acceptable to wear even as the solar flare melts your face, and Bernanke bends you over, and the EPA commandeers every last drop of water.

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