Shop Review: Steal a Shirt from Five Finger Tees

by on May 21, 2011

Five Finger Tees are so cheap, most under $10, that when you purchase something from them you kinda have a sneaky feeling that maybe you are stealing. Don’t worry it goes away when you get the package and put on the shirts and impress all your friends, family and enemies with how awesome you are.

But, they are inexpensive and the designs are good. They probably don’t print on the finest cotton, and they don’t have spectacularly unique designs, but if you want a few cheap tees to add to your collection, then you can’t do much better than 5 Finger Tees.

Plus, they also offer free shipping for all orders over $50. I don’t think they have a lot of mafia action in Boston these days, so I don’t think it’s a money laundering operation, but the margins for making money are so thin, you can’t help but think something might be up. But, as they say in their about page, they’re a family-run business, which is code for hard-working and on the up-and-up, and they do all the work themselves, including “customer service, designing, printing, photography, shipping, web site design.”

Why don’t you support a family business, and get what feels like a five finger discount all at the same time. Win Win Win win win win. It’s winning all around. They have shirts in all kinds of categories, including movie, TV, pop culture, party, zombie, horror, political, sports, music, animal, video game, funny sayings, geek, Irish (they are from Boston), holiday, etc.


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