Pigeon Constellation T Shirt

by on April 13, 2010

One of the most beautiful constellations in the sky and one of the most storied groupings of stars ever. You see homing pigeons can see stars during the day. Bet you didn’t know that. Well, long story short, when the keeper of a pigeon writes a message on a gum wrapper and rubber bands it to the pigeons leg, you can be sure that pigeons pissed, but the problem is pigeons have low self esteem for being considered flying rats, when really their just another version of the dove that alighted on John the Baptist’s shoulder. Yeah, we’re talking Jesus here. The son of God, so really that’s how screwed up this world is that basically birds that are the son of God are made to feel bad about themselves.

But, what happens is these pigeons don’t trust themselves to put food on the table through scavenging, even though, as you and I know, the free spirits of the pigeon world do it every day. What you don’t know, is that 75% of pigeons are to embarrassed to break bread on the city street with you. Sad.

The uplifting part of this story is that pigeons can see the pigeon constellation at night, and like sailors with the Big Dipper, Orion and their GPS units, pigeon’s can navigate their way to their desired destination without trouble. Their keeper just has to whisper an address and boom, pigeon dials up coordinates in their pea size brain, and uplink that shit to the astral plane.

Wild, huh. So, what I’m trying to get at is that there is this Pigeon Constellation tshirt and it’s beautiful and it tells this story, and you should wear it on your body.

Headline Shirts guides every sailor on this Earth ship to the safety of the next port.

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