Zumba Somebody Stop Meee T shirt

by on September 23, 2012

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No idea what this means, which forces me to put on my researcher’s goggles and work the Internet for some answers. I do know there’s a super sexy pose and a lot of love, but give me a minute here to fill in the blanks. Welp…looks like rather than a pop culture thingie, it’s actually a fitness craze sweeping across the universe, which includes dance and aerobics. This video has 28.7 million views at the time of this posting.

But, what’s with the Somebody Stop Meee part…gotta be some sort of parody or video or something. I can’t find it. Now, for all I know, I’m featuring a shirt that straight up promotes an exercise routine, and that’s dorky.

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viperbarrt November 13, 2012 at 8:06 am

Hi there I am the creator of the zumba t shirt you are advertising wich I would like to say thank you for your intrest ok back to the point of somebody stop me is a phrase meaning I am enjoying it so much you try to stop me as millions of people around the world love zumba I hope that’s open the door to your question thank you viperbarratt


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