Zoo Where the Used to Be Wild Things Are T Shirt

by on February 20, 2011

This is just plain sad, but someone has to say it and someone has to wear the shirt to spread the news that zoos are just the saddest places on Earth if you really think about it. Animals pulled from their native habitats and placed in what essentially is a work cube. Yeah, zoos will say they saved some of these animals because they were injured or their natural habitat was being encroached upon. Or they’ll say that they are happy because they are mating and propagating the species. And, I have to admit, some of the exhibits are vastly superior to the cages that used to serve as viewing rooms for wild animals. But, still it’s sad looking at elephants waving their trunks back and forth in absolute boredom. Big beastie cats pacing back and forth wanting to eat every damn human  that comes to gawk.
So, this Zoo Where the Used to Be Wild Things Are T Shirt speaks truth and should be worn, so if you have any heart at all you’ll buy it and spread the news, and then maybe all zoos will be shut down. Of course, then these “domesticated beasts” will just die because their instincts have been blunted. Wow, I sort of feel like I’m talking about my life in my mom’s basement, but apparently I have a choice.

Anyways, good for Busted Tees for doing some outreach work for the animals. I suppose this shirt is also a shout out to the 1963 children’s picture book by Maurice Sendak and the m0vie, directed by Spike Jonze, based on that book.

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