Zombie Defense 101 T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on January 2, 2012

When you think about it brains do look kind of delicious. Like the meat scooped out of a tropical fruit. Fresh, sweet and satisfyingly tasty. I mean look at that little pile of grey matter on the bear trap. Wouldn’t you want to tuck into that any day…any time? I know I would!

Hell, forget fighting off the zombies to save your own life, I’m fighting them for the prime food source during the apocalypse. Why waste it as bait as you see here on this Zombie Defense 101 T Shirt. That’s dumb. Plus, who has a bear trap just lying around. Nobody. That’s who.

Still, I commend Snorg Tees for the concept. As the world gets sketchier and sketchier, there will be these types of courses popping up in community centers and junior colleges across the world.

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