Zelda Life T Shirt

by on November 4, 2010

Hey…lookie here, another Legend of Zelda shirt. This time it’s got the hearts that indicate what sort of health you’re in. According to this Zelda Life T Shirt, you are in very good health, because there are 8 full hearts on display.

Congratulations to you for being so full of life and vim and vigor. I congratulate you profusely. It seems to me if you wear this shirt, the people that come around you are going to enjoy if they are familiar with Zelda or not. Those that are in the know will give you a right on and hearty pat on the back, and those that don’t know the game will smile and think the kids are alright because they’re into loving life a lot. Win win, but you have to make that big decision to pull out your wallet, get your favorite plastic out, and hit the buy button.

And, don’t minimize that decision…some people have a very difficult time with a purchase. There’s buyers remorse. Oh, I shouldn’t have bought that. Should I return it? There are people starving in Toledo. That kind of thing. But, to the bold go the spoils, so I say be strong, go for the gusto, and make this Zelda Life Shirt happen on your body. I just called Nerdy Shirts about you and they agree that you should go for it.

On a side note: when’s the last time anyone said “go for the gusto?” Early 90s? 1995? ’86? I’m not sure, but that’s a crusty damn saying.

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