Napoleon Dynamite Your Mom Goes to College T shirt

by on November 15, 2009

your-mom-goes-to-college-tshirtClassic funny tshirt in every sense of the word. First, you have the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite movie with one of the most hilarious, non-sensical cut downs by a mustache wielding, so cool, he’s an idiot big brother. Next, you have Alice Fraasa, the classic tshirt model for Snorg Tees. What more could you possibly want. Now, of course, you probably won’t get the model when you order this shirt, but you will have the goofy sentiment.

Kip says this Deb from the other side of the door with a very smug look. It flows as a snappy retort, it sounds like a snappy retort, but once you start to dissect it and put it under the microscope it really doesn’t make a whole, helluva lot of sense. Nor does it cut to the quick, despite the Deb’s hurt reaction.

Alright, enough of the high falutin’ analysis, what… do I go to college?

Go get yourself the Your Mom Goes to College Tshirt. Now!

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