You May Already Be a Loser T Shirt

by on March 29, 2010

Have you ever been in the supermarket where they sell scratch lottery tickets and been behind someone as they make bring their scientifically proven formula for winning the lottery to life. Takes a while, ‘cuz they need a few of these a few of those and sometimes they change their minds because sometimes you have to go with the gut and not be a slave to the system.

Do you play the lottery? If so you should be proud of paying your extra tax to the state and supporting such good programs as re-pavement of the suburban roads even though they don’t need it (in a related story another beater car has fallen into a pot hole in the ‘hood just outside downtown) and building the statue near the Capital steps honoring the amazing talent of the latest American Idol runner up that hails from that shitty town in the southeast corner of your state.  Congrats! Even if you don’t win the LOTTO, you’re a winner for the self-imposed extra taxation.

And to prove it you should wear the You May Already Be a Loser Scratch Ticket Lotto T shirt.

What’s just as good as winning the $13.2 Super Mississippi Lotto Load? Buying a funny tshirt from Headline Shirts.

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