You Look Funny Doing That With Your Head T Shirt

by on October 21, 2010

Hey, I call straight up shenanigans here. Print the text sideways and make people turn their head and voila, you have something to talk about. Very solid interactive shirt with unlimited possibilities. If you’re in a mean mood, you knee them in the jaw as they contort to read. If you’re in a nice mood you pat them on the head. Amorous mood, well I’m not gonna get into that on this family blog. Oh wait, this is the furthest thing from a family blog, but I’m still not gonna get into, ‘cuz my mom just walked into the basement.

What do you think? Some shirts just cause people to read the funny words, this You Look Funny Doing That With Your Head T Shirt actually makes them do something physical. That’s powerful! Are you down with it?

Snorg Tees first started in the t shirt business printing all the text on the shirt vertically. They thought it would make them stand out, but they sold very few shirts. They switched to horizontal and now they’re the 6th largest online funny t shirt retailer in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Huge.

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