Yoga is for Posers T Shirt

by on November 5, 2008

Downward dog. Tree. Monkey flippin’ his lid. Tower of Babel. Tummy Tuck. Beer barrel roll. All kinds of poses in yoga.

And all the different styles: wu tang, kung fu and “hotter than hell” where they turn the thermostat up to like 100 and then have you sign a waiver and then make you contort to an inch of your life. But, if you get through it, just think how much stronger mentally you’ll be. You can get through anything.

Are you a poser? Do you do yoga? Are you all lose and limber and toned up like crazy? Well, then, you certainly need the Yoga is for Posers tshirt.

Everything you wanted to know about Busted Tees but were afraid to ask.

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