Yo Yo Yoyo Tshirt

by on July 27, 2010

Simple, silly, and alright with me. I love the “Yo” “Yo” Yoyo conversation tshirt. There is such a culture behind the yoyo from kids that can’t make it work worth shit to professionals getting laid because they have such dynamic skills with string and the plastic sandwich cookie or burger bun. Am I right? They look like that right? You just said to yourself that comparison is so funny because “IT’S TRUE!”

Anyway, what’s your favorite brand of yo yo? I hear people are totally loyal to old school Duncan or Yomega.

I didn’t realize there was such a long history of the toy. Check out the image painted on a vase of the Greek boy playing with a terra cotta version.

Go ahead and get the Yo Yo Yoyo T-shirt. It’s mandatory.

Here’s some spectacular yo-yoing by Hiroyuki Suzuki:

Ya, but can he walk the dog?

And here’s a hilarious imposter baffling cheese ball news reporters:

Don’t let Snorg Tees play with your emotions. You’re stronger than that. You have the strength to keep from yo-yoing from joyous exaltation to black depression every five minutes according to the whims of a funny tshirt purveyor. You can do it.

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