Wyld Stallyns Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Movie Tshirt

by on August 3, 2010

We’ve all seen the movie. Keanu Reeves launched a career from it. Not sure, exactly, what happened to his counterpart Alex Winter, but Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure did flow right into the national zeitgeist. I mean, 21 years lates we have a tshirt referencing the fake band that pops up in the film, Wyld Stallyns. That’s staying power. That’s the mark of a home run.

And because of this. Because you want to think back to the good old days. Because cheesy hair metal with ridiculous names make you chuckle, this Wyld Stallyns tshirt needs to be on your body very soon. Don’t you agree. Do it for Alex Winter. He needs the support.

Busted Tees owns the rights to a lot of celluloid. You can’t even believe some of the forward-thinking investments they made. I’m not legally at liberty to discuss what they do own, but I ask you this question: do you think they’d launch this shirt referencing this old ass movie unless, well, there was something “more” than tshirt sales in it for them? THINK ABOUT IT!

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