Wondermark Rock Paper Scissors The Negotiator T Shirt

by on February 28, 2011

Not sure this is a negotiator. Rather I think this is some dirty, smelly, gutter punk, who’s missing some teeth, and fancies himself a peacemaker, except that he has no arbitration skills. Instead, he yells at people, animals and inanimate objects, telling them to get along. Though it does look like the rock, paper and scissors have listened in this instance.

Has anyone been to a rock, paper, scissors tournament. Looks like it could pretty intense, unless it’s the USARPS league, holding it’s annual spring break tournament. It probably gets pretty intense in later rounds, but I imagine early rounds are pretty sloppy. People forgetting to throw the sign. Not understanding the rules. Waiting to see what the other person throws before they throw. Falling over. Arguing over which sign defeats which. Making up new signs. But, I suppose at the end, when you have the cream of the crop of lucky people, it gets serious, especially with a $25,000 cash prize.

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