Wizard of Oz Auntie Em, Hate You Hate Kansas taking the dog – Dorothy T Shirt

by on December 6, 2010

She’s a little runaway. Dorothy done got sick of the farming life on Henry & Emily Farms. Can’t stand it. Feeding the livestock. Cleaning the shit. Work work work the fingers to the bone. Auntie Em won’t cut her a break, so what else are you gonna do, but hit the road.

God, I love this Auntie Em Hate You Hate Kansas Taking the Dog – Dorothy T Shirt. It’s funny. Of course, this is no message for Snorg Tees to be delivering to the youth of today. Running away is NOT THE ANSWER. Just look at all the crap Dorothy had to go through with that little yappie Toto. In the end she was begging to be back in Kansas on the farm she thought she hated so bad. That’s the way it goes with these things.

I love the stationary and the briskness of the note. At least she was thoughtful in letting them know that the dog was coming with her, so they wouldn’t worry.

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