When Pigs Fly T Shirt

by on February 18, 2013


Get this Shirt From GLMR KLLS
(or with vowels…Glamour Kills)

You hear the phrase on occasion  When Pigs Fly, and usually it’s the thing the crushes your dreams. You will not get top billing in that amazing production, unless pigs fly. You won’t get the Charger from your parents, because your dad said you’ll get that car when pigs fly. You won’t be able to kiss Bobby at the dance, because he’ll only go when pigs fly.

STOP THE MADNESS! Where this shirt and you will feel like anything is possible. And, basically, that’s the most important feeling in the world, if you want to live a long, prosperous, fulfilling life. Yes, all of that starts with owning this tee. Powerful stuff.

And, here’s a dirty pig flying. Same rules apply.


Get this Shirt From GLMR KLLS

They’re calling this Street Sweeper, but it’s more like chimney sweep…that’s a damn dirty pig with wings.


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