When I Was a Kid the World Looked Like This 8-Bit Paperboy Video Game T-Shirt

by on August 16, 2010

Damn. That’s old school 8-bit video game good times. None of this raping, pillaging, murdering, stealing, and playing tennis with weird animals. Paperboy was the good old days when everything was a little bit square, you could tell real life from game life, and it wasn’t as hard to walk away because, frankly, the games weren’t that great.

Hell, let’s go even further and think about when kids actually delivered papers because people wanted to hold the news in their hands on paper. Ha Ha. Going to the porch, digging through the shrubbery, climbing on the roof to find the paper and find out what happened in last night’s NBA action. Those days are very long gone.

Anyways, if you want to play the Paperboy video game from Nintendo check it out here.

If you want the When I was a Kid the World Looked Like This Tshirt, so you can sound like an old man tellin’ stories, then get out your old man wallet or money clip or change clip and get it.

Snorg Tees well never ever let us forget the past, so let’s put our hands together in appreciation of their archivist efforts.

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