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by on July 28, 2010

In case you’ve been living in a government issued canvas tent warding off mosquitoes and bears for the last few months, then you probably know the Double Rainbow meme. If not, here’s the synopsis. This wild hippie dude is hiking and comes upon a vista that features a double rainbow. While filming, he just flips out with overwhelm, exclaiming what does it mean about 20 times. Could be peyote, pot, or simply the nature buzz every good hippie can cop, especially coming upon a beautiful natural phenomenon.

Anyways, his video has been viewed 7.2 million times, and you can make plus one by clicking play below:

After you have watched the video, I’m certain you’ll be moved to purchase the What Does it Mean Double Rainbow shirt as well.

Busted Tees happened upon a double headed deer in the woods on their last hike, and filmed themselves rolling around in badger feces for a good half hour. They had to break up the footage into three parts to get it up on YouTube.

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