Volts to Spare: Dr. Frankenstein’s Dead Battery T-Shirt

by on January 26, 2009

volts-to-spare3Dr. Frankenstein tryin’ to get to the store for some margarita mix, ‘cuz he’s got a hot date coming over and all of a sudden the old jalopy (his unique monster building skillz ain’t paying the billz) ain’t starting. Damn!!!!

Good thing his contingency plan on the many-month long Frankie Stein building project was – well if this doesn’t really get anywhere in terms of notoriety, fame and cash money at least I have a pretty sweet battery charger. What, with the bolts in his head Frankenstein is perfect for the job, and actually starts to feel a bit of charitable human feeling as he assists the good doc.

Bottom line message on this Volts to Spare Frankenstein Tshirt is…

Follow your passion…it’s the only way and despite trials and tribulations, it always turns out right. Just ask Dr. Frankenstein, he got back and had a very GOOD time with the girl he met in the meadow down by the burnt out factory that he plunders for parts.

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