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by on June 7, 2012

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Mexico is a rough place to be right now, but I think the authorities are doing the right thing by really putting the screws to the drug lords and crime syndicates. It’s a super ballsy move, because there’s corruption at every level of government, military, and private sector, but once the war is over I think you have a country that have a fighting chance to be ruled by law, which, I think, would be a welcome shift from ruled by drug traffickers.

This isn’t a great tourism booster, but it’s funny because it sheds light on a difficult situation and hopefully adds energy to the fight against evil. It would also help everything if the United States legalized drugs, but that ain’t happening any time soon. Maybe ganja, but none of the harder stuff. Busted Tees might not want to be associated with that last comment, but they designed the shirt, so they knew what they were getting into.

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