Vagina Fanboy T Shirt

by on February 27, 2011

vagina fan boy t shirt1 Vagina Fanboy T Shirtbuy now button yellow Vagina Fanboy T ShirtI like this shirt. Why should fanboys only be partial to geeky things like Apple computers, or movies like Star Wars, or bands like Animal Collective, or whatever nerdy shit has a pack of fans that are boys. Why not go in a little different direction and capture those unique boys that are geeky enough to be considered fanboys, but manly enough to love the Vadge.

I support this concept and this Vagina Fanboy T Shirt no matter how ostracized by the media, Tipper Gore, Apple users, and the surviving members of Scritti Polliti. Hey, I’m for the principal. To tell you the truth I wouldn’t go near one of those things even if one did end up in my mother’s basement.

T-shirt Hell pushing macho nerd culture.

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