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by on November 8, 2010

Can you name all these corporate marketing characters. I’ll tell you what they are all guilty of…peddling crap food. Wow, did I just get up on my high horse that just stepped up on the soap box or what. Actually, I don’t even know if I can name all these characters without the help of the Internet. Let me try:

It is funny that all these food peddlers are thieves. Kids must really get into that archetype and really want to indulge in what the thieves are after. Wonder what Carl Jung would say about that? Anyways, The cookie dude stumps me, I’ll make a note of that and get back to him. Silly Rabbit Tricks are for kids. The HamBurglar from McDonalds. The Cheetos Cheetah, not sure if he has a name. And the  Dominoes Pizza Noid.

Alright, it’s Chester Cheetah. He came on the scene in 1983. HamBurglar is somewhat creepy in his big-eared, goof-ass costume, fun-loving hamburger stealing ways. The Noid was also very scuzzy scurrying around blowing cold air on the other company’s pizza. He couldn’t penetrate Dominoes power box though. The Trix Silly Rabbit has been the subject of much Youtube tomfoolery, as they make him out to be evil as he tries to steal kids’ breakfast. The Cookie guy is from Cookie Crisp and in the commercial I saw he’s trying to steal a cops breakfast, so he and his dog get put in the paddy wagon.

So, because I got so much information for you, I pretty sure you feel compelled to return the favor and purchase the Usual Suspects Cartoon Thief T Shirt.

And, I haven’t even mentioned the shout out to one of my favorite movies: The Usual Suspects. Headline Shirts knows how to do a t-shirt mashup let me tell ya, especially because the lineup scene in that movie is R rated. “Hand me the keys you fucking cock sucker.”

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