Updog T shirt

by on October 19, 2008

Here’s how this cool little shirt works. You walk around with Updog on your chest and it totally looks like it means something, comes from some hilarious movie or is the name of a terrific little video that’s gone viral on YouTube.

People will be naturally curious and they will ask you: “What’s updog?”

And, of course, you will reply: “Not much. What’s up with you?”

And then they will lightly hit themselves up the side of the head with the palm on their favored hand, and you will roll around on the ground in an epileptic-like fit of hilarity. Now, the only trouble with this comes in a cry-wolf type of scenario.

You do this enough and word gets around. You’re little shtick loses its spontaneity and when you roll on the ground in a spastic fit, no one will pay any mind. Of course, if this just happens to be the time when the spastic fit is actually a seizure, then you’re in big trouble and your joke comes back to bite you in the ass. ‘cuz not even the paramedics will take a closer look at the jokester.

So, buy the updog tshirt, but be very careful how you use it.

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