Unlucky Rabbit T Shirt

by on March 19, 2011

This shirt is disgusting and sad and there are probably 21 million people in the world that it appeals to, so I’m going to review it for the degenerates. That poor rabbit was down on his luck. Divorced. Lost his job. Every one of his 92 kids hated him. Until, one day, lying under the bridge it dawned on him. I’m going to turn this thing around. Rabbit feet are supposed to be lucky, but they’re not working for me, so maybe I have to wear one around my neck rather than just have them naturally at the end of my leg.

So, he makes the decision to mutilate himself with a saw and tie his foot on a chain, which he put around his neck. Jury is still out whether it’s brought him luck. The fact that he has to use a crutch to get around, and he’s in constant pain and in danger of infection, says that maybe this move made it worse, but maybe it will turn around once the wound heals. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to move ahead.

Celebrate this bold move and purchase the gross Unlucky Rabbit T Shirt.

I hate to be in a staff meeting over at Deez Teez. Who knows the kind of sordid shit goes on.

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