Occupy My Pants T Shirt from Uncle Cletus

by on January 11, 2012

This here is a very fine t-shirt from Uncle Cletus. I have been on my high, political horse lately, trying to make points about things I don’t really understand. Sounding indignant. Warning of impending doom. And encouraging people to fight back against the Oligarchy and growing fascist state. Of course, I’m just sitting here wondering how many of the Commodores were gay, and eating Fritos, which is pretty much my nightly ritual.

I don’t leave the house. I don’t take a stand. I don’t do shit.

So, really this Occupy My Pants T Shirt is more of my kind of movement. I mean the only person to ever occupy my pants is me, and I mean that in the dirtiest way possible, but a guy in his mom’s basement can dream about getting this shirt, wearing it around town, and somehow capturing the attention of a fine lady, who appreciates a good sense of humor, and always does whatever commands are on the shirts of strangers. All of a sudden I’m in some love lock of ecstasy, and the whole bit about the United States going down in flames just doesn’t quite loom as large.

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