Tumblr Japan T Shirt

by on March 26, 2011

Busted Tees is getting in on the relief effort in Japan by offering this Tumblr Japan T Shirt. At least I think that’s what it says in Japanese. Whatever the case it looks cool and it’s blue and it’s for a good cause. Japan was devasted by the 9.0 earthquake, the tsunami, and the resulting nuclear power plant breach. They need as much help as they can get. This way you get a great shirt to wear and you’re helping out. That’s what they call a win-win in the business and that’s the perfect state we’re always seeking.

Go get the shirt. If you’re partial to funny t shirts you can always make up what this shirt means in English: Penis Breath, Toughie, Show Me Your Tits, I’d Rather Be Dead…whatever.

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