Try Something New Every Day Tshirt

by on March 28, 2010

It so easy to let yourself get stagnant. Don’t do it. Shake it up. Get out of your comfort zone. Stretch yourself. Expand your horizons. Be an adventurous spirit. Grow yourself a 70s cop mustache, get some mirrored sunglasses and a gray bowling shirt, athletic shoes and socks and two handguns.

And dive in. Get yourself into some fucked up situation. Haggle hard with your dealer. Side swipe muscle cars on the freeway. Rob a gas station. Join the Republican party and filibuster on the house flour. Whatever. Just get out there and DO SOMETHING. That’s the key. That initial motion. Getting off your floor. Throwing the game controller to the side. Grabbing your gear and getting into trouble. Soon enough you’ll find trouble will find you and you won’t even have to try to live the thug life.
Next, work on the falling back in slow motion while shooting. And, don’t forget the thing where you walk into heavy fire shooting on both sides of you while looking straight ahead. That’s BAD ASS!

Actually, step one is make the commitment by purchasing the Try Something New Every Day Tee Shirt.

Encouraging well rounded adults that do stuff. That’s Headline Shirts mission statement.

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