True Blood I Suck Vamp T Shirt from Polly and Crackers

by on March 9, 2012

Kind of an odd phrasing, but combined with the image, this I Suck Vamp T Shirt really works. Very graphic. If this is the kind of message you want to carry on your chest you ain’t half stepping with this one. People will know what you’re trying to get across at least visually, because, again, this thing is oddly phrased.

What does I Suck Vamp really mean. You’re a vampire and you suck people who then turn into vampires themselves. Or perhaps you find vampires sexy so you like to suck on them. Not sure, but it’s a bold visual and the words pack a punch. And what more do you want from a t-shirt that stands out in the crowd.

Polly and Crackers knows everything about creating a scene on your shirt.

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