Train Wreck Tshirt

by on July 24, 2010

Is this a shout out to Tetris. Or am I missing some picayune pop culture reference that anyone under the age of 16 knows. All I know the art looks good and the concept of wearing a Train Wreck Tshirt on your chest seems hard core.

Or maybe it’s a shout out to Kyle Gass’s (think Tenacious D) new band TrainWreck.

Or could it be a reference to the pot by the name of trainwreck. Perhaps the art on the shirt resembles a bong to the youth of today or maybe the shape of the Trainwreck marijuana plant.

Or maybe it’s a morbid fascination with actual train wrecks like this one that happened this May near Thermopolis, WY:

Who knows? But, what you do know is that you need this Train Wreck Tshirt in your stylish collection.

Snorg Tees does not endorse or condone train wrecks of any kind. This is just a shirt with a recreation of a pileup of railroad cars in the ravine.

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